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The fate.

Mountain: the house of the snow, especially that mountain: the highest mountain of the entire region.
Here was gone Glacia to explore it with his inseparable friend glaceon.
All started when Glacia was born: she born in a small house in full winter, when the midwife ended to clean her, the wind opened a window and from it a snow flake went in the house and flew on Glacia's forehead.
This sign makes her parents understand that the snow was the element that would signed the fate of their daughter.
For that, her parents called her Glacia, and she grew ever between the mountains.
When she was 10 years old, she received her first pokemon: an eevee.
She, living in the mountains, decided that her eevee would become a glaceon, and she started to travel
since she found the crystals that allowed her to realize her dream.
So, she was 20 years old now and she was exploring that mountain to find something there.
"well, I think there is nothing here, right?" said her at glaceon.
"glace!" it said nodded :"I think that this is enough for today: we must to go home" and they started to go back with glaceon in front of her some feet far to her.
They was going to cross a small pass, when she heard a roar over them.
"did you heard it too?" said Glacia at glaceon :" glaceon" said it rolling up its ears.
She looked around and saw a landslide falling from the mountain to in front of her, were glaceon was!
"glaceon, look out!" screamed her and pulled it away, then the landslide overwhelmed her.
Glaceon rolled away for some meters and it avoided the snow.
When it raised, it went back immediately where it saw its master for the last time, but over there, there was only snow: no trace of Glacia.
"glace?" said it sadly :"glaceon! Glaceon!" groaned it crying: Glacia had sacrificed her life to save its life.
But it didn't want to surrender and it resorted at its last hope to save its friend: it raised all its energy and fired it on the snow.
Waves of energy crossed all the small pass, then all returned at the normality.
It looked at the snow: nothing move.
"glaceon!" wimped it and turned back to return at home.
But suddenly it heard something behind it, in the pass: "glaceon?" said it looking at the snow.
Then, poof! :a hand merged from the snow, but it didn't looked like a normal hand: its palm and inside fingers were covered from pads and it was covered by blue fur.
After a while, all the creature merge: that looks like a girl, but some things were like a pokemon, but glaceon didn't had  dubs: that was Glacia.
"I'm-I'm still alive?" said her confused :"Glacia!" said glaceon happy running to her and jumping in her hands :" glaceon!" said her hugging it:" you are alive too! I can believe it!" :" I'm happy like you master" said glaceon.
"wait a minute" said her put glaceon down : "I understand you! How is that possible?"
"well" said glaceon smiling :"you should look at yourself"
Worry, she looked at her body, and when she saw her ice white furry belly she fainted in the snow.
"oh crap! Not again!" said glaceon and used blizzard low on Glacia's face to reawake her.
When she open her eyes, it said :"are you ok?".
"what's happened to me?" asked Glacia sitting in the snow trying to stay calm.
Glaceon explained her all what it have done to try to save her.
"so, this is a "hitch" from your attempt to save my life?" said she shocked :"yes" said glaceon :"but I never expected this result".
"well" said her standing up :" I think that I have to know my all new appearance to give it a opinion"
And she started to look herself in the ice on the wall of the pass: her entire body was covered by ice white fur except for her up-arms, her hands, her feet and her down-legs that were ice blue.
An ice-blue rhombus was on the middle of her back and she had a ice-white flat tail with another small ice-blue rhombus on its spike.
Her face, was become a cute muzzle like her glaceon with a small black nose on the top and two blue eyes.
Her fringe was become three ice-light blue ornaments on her fore head from where two spots ,like her tail but ice- light blue, came down behind her face since her shoulders.
On the top of her head, two log pointy hears over hanged her new ice- light blue hair.
"this…is…awesome!" said her happy :" nice to see you happy, my master" smiling glaceon.
From that day, she continued to explore the mountains, but easier with her new ice powers and she never wished to return at her old body.

The end.
when the fate come out...
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DiggerGuy68 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
Wow.. Imagine the many lives that could be saved if people could turn into pokemon in disasters like that..
thelatiosmaster Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, that'd be great
RyuumaruOrochi Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
so she became a full fledged glaceon?
thelatiosmaster Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
well, a glaceon girl
RyuumaruOrochi Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
ShyGuy1231 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
when the fate come out... cannot escape it
thelatiosmaster Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that's for true
raptorcfaulkner Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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